Beckham’s dream

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 England went to Portugal a hyped up team,
to win the championship was Beckham’s dream.
They played a few friendlies to keep them in tune,
a couple of wins and Sven was over the moon.
Well came the day of their first big game,
against France to win was their aim.
England scored first and it was wasn’t luck,
but France scored two and England came unstuck.
The second game was against the Swiss,
this was a game we dare not miss.
England had to win or they would be on the plane,
but their fears were laid to rest by a lad named Wayne.
Things looked better, a win was on the cards,
then just to make sure, a goal from Gerrard.
Sven says their next effort will be even greater
that will show when they meet Croatia.
The game wasn’t easy but it wasn’t a bore
Croatia scored two but England scored four.
So on to the next game. it looked a breeze
our opponents were the hosts the Portugese.
Hopes were high when Owen scored
in only three minutes, we had a goal on the board.
Then the hosts scored the game was all square,
the ninety minutes were almost there.
The game was heading for extra time
the silver goal was on the line.
Well extra time started and the hosts score again,
but Lampard struck which pleased our Sven.
Penalties surely were on the cards,
the worry on the takers is very hard.
The players stepped up to take their turn,
sad to say we missed two Portugal had won.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/beckhams-dream/