Boxing Day Memories.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Half a crown inside my pocket
Black n white scarf wrapped round my throat
Wearing a pair of my brothers trousers
And another brothers coat.
I got that half crown at Christmas
Tips from my paper round
Jumped on the tram at Gateshead
And crossed the Tyne up to the ground.
I’ll never forget that Boxing Day
When I was still a lad
Standing on the Gallowgate
And the feelings that I had.
I saw my idol Jackie Milburn
Skidding through the snow
The magic of Bobby Mitchell
And the fearless Charlie Crowe
Ingredients for special memories
That shall never fade away
The feelings and emotions
I experienced on that day.


I had the honour of performing some of my poetry at St James’ Park
last week on a evening to raise funds for a scanner to help speed up research into alzheimer’s disease. Charlie Crowe sadly the last surviving member of Newcastle United’s 1951 FA cup winning side was present and although Alzheimer’s has taken it’s toll on him he really enjoyed the night at his beloved SJP. Happy Xmas and a great 2010 to all the poets and readers out there. John Oliver.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/boxing-day-memories/