Circulum in Excelsis (Hoops on High!)

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Home to Woking, here awoken were the City boys;
and, thus awakened, broken was grim storyline
that, with glowering shadow thereto threatened;
token of our doubtful minds.

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Yet, so doubting, could hopeful hearts in expectation truly differ
for next outing, memory still fresh with how next foe made suffer,
just one season past?

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Thirty Hoops would travel thence, there to face their Fleet amassed.
Thirty Hoops would travel there, witness to a Fleet aghast,
as Kpekawa showed his power, just five minutes on the clock,
and then McEachran, City’s weapon, dealt the Fleet a second shock;
another one from Sanderson, in second half set well alight
and then McQueen, a waking dream; and so the Hoops ran out of sight..

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Two wins; does this a run though make? It’s good to hear this type of talk!
Perhaps one just begun, I’ll make
my mind up Tuesday night, in York.

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When we (Oxford City) drubbed Ebbsfleet 4-0 away, I said the poem to celebrate it would need to be worthy of a Pulitzer. Ok, maybe I didn’t go quite that far but nevertheless here is something a touch different, maybe. Circulum (Hoops) in Excelsis (on high)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/circulum-in-excelsis-hoops-on-high/