Clik on tour (2) : So close to war (literally)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I started out this morning, als autobahn
now I’m up in the clouds
flying over Tehran
bringing to mind burqa’s, veils and shrouds.
Left behind : die wetter kalte, und das fussball
now, I’m looking down from on high
jetting at 700 mph, with 35,000 feet to fall.
I look out the window, playing I-Spy
fresh from the mesmerizing in-flight movie, xXx
verse soon takes over, my mind runs riot
how to place the Premiership and its stars, like Becks
when all around, seems so peaceful, amidst the quiet.
But war, is high on the agenda
if not on my menu
Bush and Blair, pose as some great defender
but here’s me, right above the intended venue.
This morning, away from Deutschland we sped
now the Jumbo’s cruising
plumped up passengers, so well fed
some imbibing, some of us boozing
palates sated, now proffered favourite tipples;
I marvel at the views, from this great height
the lower hills below, look like beachy ripples
the peaks, a snow capped white
the middle slopes, a dusty brown
it’s so hard to imagine, a mad man insane –
unopposed at elections, given trusty crown.
An embittered USA, sees European support on the wane
star spangled banners, chastise the French
goad the Germans, labeling non-Brits as ‘wimps’; it irks
for these European allies, want no part of the battle stench
causing a Nato split, over defending the Turks.
Tempers come to the boil
‘Weapons Inspectors’ face volleys of abuse
demonstrators, well aware of the alternatives to oil
rally for peace, while turning puce.
Unwittingly, from being so near
to Baghdad, future battle zone
I’m filled with dread, a fatherly fear
separated from my boys, left playing at home;
they’ll be bagging goals, e-mailing me the score
unfortunately, they’ll not be the only ones on the attack
the world will recoil in horror, at yet another war
as the twin strike force, of Tony and Dubya, take on Iraq.
But for now, as we continue our journey, over Karachi
and slowly begin our descent, passing over Mumbai *
from the oppressed, to the dedicated followers of Versace
we can only wonder, hope and pray, that there’ll be no boom-bye.
As we head for India’s eastern shore
what is this that brings a tear to my eye?
Frustration and separation, as we dangle over Bangalore
Final destination : peace, please and Chennai


Football took a back seat on that particular journey

This was written before we landed

* Mumbai : pronounced Moombai, formerly Bombay.
Chennai : formerly Madras

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/clik-on-tour-2-so-close-to-war-literally/