1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As we enter through the black rusty turnstiles and march up the brown concrete stairs
That turn darker and look shabby from the millions of pairs it’s carried for years
From the skinheads doc martins you know the 28 eyelets
To the adidas 3stripe to the modern day nike tick
I’m greeted by a whole family more or less the same as me
Who had a family get together but that televised on sky TV
We’re all dressed the same we just got different names on our back
As I look around and greet my fellow cousins parlour and berkamp who happen to be black
and standing next to me are my white uncles kanu and cambell smiling
As I look and I see the Burberry and Aquascutum and stone islands
The infusion of colours 30,000 deep is quite enlightening
All around England you got stripes and hoops
Reds and blues clarets and greys home and away
All mixing on the greenest turf with a referee in black
Who they say is blind as a bat
Well really it was much worse than that as the home crowd boo
And turn the air blue
The away crowd chant we gonna score 1 more than you
As i look and see the black mood of the losing fans
And the jumping of colours from the other side of the stand
suddenly pires chips the keeper and…….
I’m reminded what colour I am

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/colours-2/