Come On England

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Stand up brave men and seize the hour
Be heroes one and all
and when victory is claimed
Let us shout your names
and proclaim
we are England and we are proud,
We are England we shout it aloud,
We are England we will score,
Hear the mighty Lion roar.
In the Heart of Africa
As the drum beats hard and loud
Our hearts are beating louder
You can hear the roaring crowd,
As the ball is kicked
headed flicked
Crunching tackles made,
Poor decisions by referees
Whistles blown flags raised
Jeers and groans and Mexican Waves.
The white and the red
The cross of St George
On every passionate moment we gorge
Ourselves and saviour
Every chance, every celebratory dance,
From London, to the North, South, East
And West will hold their breaths
And stand with pride as Anthems ring
And all in jubilation sing
As the prize is raised.
We will wipe away our tears as history is made
And believe this is our time
this is our Time
this IS our time
We look towards you.
And then our heroes
We will chant your names
When victory is taken.
And that elusive moment grasped
And the sleeping giant awakens

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/come-on-england-9/