Escape: The Real World

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The news it seems to be all just doom and gloom
Italy and Greece in the proverbial toilet.
I’ve given up on trying to follow what’s going on
But its bad out there, we all know that
Times are hard and wallets are tight.
But somehow we still manage to find a few extra quid
When the weekend comes and Footballday dawns.
Whether in warm August with the sun blindin’ the keep
Or in cold December the floodlights on for the second half.
We’ll argue with our family and say “but its only a tenner
To go to the game down the road.”
We’ll endure anything elements have to throw at us
Just to get away from the real world
Even just for a couple of hours.
Come rain or shine we go, we’re from all forms of life
And to escape the real world we all do the same thing
We go to watch the beautiful game
We go and see a football match.


I hereby by decree that hence forth the sixth day shall be renamed as Footballday (nee Saturday). This shall be effective immediatley so go and grab a pen and change the the day on your calendar formerly known as Saturday to Footballday. This decree is to help us to escape the real world for upon this day watching the news is forbidden the exceptions to this are the following a. the sports news or b. a non football fan friend of yours has told you to watch the news due to a serious breaking news story. Furthermore upon this day you must in some way be able to watch or follow the scores of football. The reason for this decree is so that there shall be one day of the week in which the we may escape the real world

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/escape-the-real-world/