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I can’t say that’s me
But then I’m rather fortunate
I’ve got the choice of three.
There’s my proper real one
Parents are both brown bread
Don’t see my brother and sisters often
If the truth be said.
But the four of us love each other
The kind that comes from the heart
Does it really matter
That mainly we’re apart?
My second family’s at football
Dulwich Hamlet being my Club
It’s what made and defines me
Sadly too often that was down the pub.
But my friends here keep me going
Supporting me through thick and thin
Now without any alcohol
My buzz is when we win.
My last five years on the Committee
Have taught me to believe
As down the decades in the past
I never thought I could achieve.
I’m still roughly the same person
Outwardly moany and quite poor
But my inner confidence-
That has grown for sure.
Finally there’s the poetry crowd
Who are my newest tribe
Sometimes I feel I don’t fit in
Qualifying as a scribe.
It’s a bit like Dulwich Hamlet
Learning to accept those who are posh
Old fashioned insecurities based on accents
In all honesty a load of tosh.
Well old habits are there to be broken
Stereotypes tossed aside
All that should really matter
Is the warmth of heart inside.
Next time a stranger speaks
I won’t be working class judge and jury
Obviously easier said than done
But first I’ll try to hear your story.
My real family I’ll always care for
Take that as read
The same for Dulwich Hamlet
Who I’ll support until I’m dead.
The third one is a bonus
One I’m so lucky to have found
Open Mic gets me buzzing
As any football ground.
The old saying ‘family is for love’
A cliché that’s a bane
For me I’m just grateful
I’ve got three to keep me sane.
You might think I’m weird
My hobbies so wrong
But I’ve got no shame at all
For it’s where I belong.


( This one from January 2017, is ‘loosely’ football related, in that it’s a poem based on my ‘three’ types of family…blood, football and poetry!)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/families/