Farewell David Moyes

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 So it’s farewell David Moyes
It was the engagement party
Before the wedding
The noisy introduction
Before the main event
When Manuel left in
A solemn slump
Relegation loomed
Moyes stood by the wings
Acclaimed by Fergie
Sir Alex always knew best
Madrid briefly
Then Sunderland
The red carpet
Treatment at Old
Trafford before
It all seemed to
Veer off in the wrong direction
At Manchester United
Not nearly good enough
For the United aficionados
Purists of the most
Knowledgeable kind
Used to winning trophies
Without a bead of sweat
No trouble
Premier League titles
By the conveyor belt
A profusion of purpose
And ambition fulfilled
But Moyes failed
To step up to the plate
When West Ham came calling
In dire straits
Without the assistance
Of Mark Knopfler
To guide the Hammers
Through raging tempests
And yet David Moyes
Brought his fire engine
To the London Stadium
And all would end
In wine and roses
When Prague played host
To European glory
For the claret and blue
Devotees and traditionalists
At long last the East Enders
Had finally broken the
Hoodoo, that obstacle
That always looked so
Awkward and irritating
A Cup or trophy so elusive
But let’s send David Moyes
On his way
With the best of all wishes
It was four and half years
Of gentle recovery,
Then intensive rehabilitation
Before the pain and ache
Of the relegation trap door
Remained firmly shut
And suddenly the Hammers
Discovered Europe
Phew! What a journey
That was
Idyllic scenery
Europa League semi finals
Eintracht Frankfurt
So near and yet so far
But it felt so good
And then the dream ticket
To the Euro Conference
Final where the Italians
Of Fiorentina briefly
Barred the way
When Jarrod streaked clear
From Lucas Paqueta’s
Thread and needle
Through pass
Sent Bowen away
Who scored the winner
And the drought was over
Drink in the amber nectar
Of victory
West Ham
David Moyes
We’ll never forget you


So it’s farewell to now former West Ham manager David Moyes. Best wishes David. You were brilliant. Thankyou.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/farewell-david-moyes/