Gary Speed

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The football world’s in shock
Waking on Sunday morning
To the tragic news
Of you having passed away
You were turning Wales’ fortunes around
Four wins out of five and the World Cup beckoning
So why did you leave us asking
Why did you depart this life for the next?
But the games they went ahead
Anfield fell silent in your memory
And the Liberty Stadium broke out in applause
Chants of “There’s only one Gary Speed”
Never have truer words been spoken
Leeds fans chanting for eleven minutes
For the number shirt you wore during your days at Elland Road
Black armbands worn by all, both in League and Cup
The weekend shall come
And the Premier league shall break out into applause
For Gary Speed, the man who made the Welsh dragon roar once more.


Heard this tragic piece of news on the telly and am still in shock so only now have been able to write this and was just as difficult for me to write as each of my Hillsborough poems. Of course this is a very sensitive topic and I hope I haven’t upset anyone

R.I.P Gary Speed

From a red

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/gary-speed/