Give Us A Hug..Finally

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we have hugged trees in parks
to save them from being cut down

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it’s possible just possible
to take off our outward masks
of rivalry and hate
and appreciate each other’s mastery
round here

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we marvel at Ronaldo stepovers
and shudder at Petr Cech saves
because it’s hard to hate quality
and better to love expression and skill
round here

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we have the same affliction
all our lives this one addiction
we will never turn to friction
no restriction in prediction
some are true and some are fiction
we agree in contradiction
round here

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like rhymes without a reason
in this term we call a season
as the trophy labelled dead
grows like boils to a head
from day one we’ve always known
who would grace our brand new home
or so they say
round here

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as showdowns loom and finals beckon
two camps dream of winning things
in threes and fours… or nones
what price a time machine now?
in one month..history
round here

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we say “que sera sera” what will be will be
and just like old girifriends boyfriends
school friends warfriends
faces from before friends re-united
if we meet in blue or red in splendid stands
on sun-drenched hills or broken estates
in village pubs or White Horse Way
in West End streets or Moss Side lanes
on buses foot or metro tubes
in Kwiksave stores or homes like cubes
in farmer’s markets hour on hour
or football’s corridors of power
just like Roman and José
hugging on passing
like ships and strangers in the night
red or blue black or white
even Gandhi was up for a fight
most of us pacifists but’s that’s alright
it’s not who you are it’s what you do
same for me and same for you
round here

8 Leave a comment on verse 8 0 so let it begin lose or win
there are dice to throw be it stay or go
and round here
we just say

9 Leave a comment on verse 9 0 give us a hug !


FA Cup Semi Final 2007 Blackburn 1 Chelsea 2
Meanwhile at last (apparently) it’s was hugs in the corridors. Abramovich and Mourinho. .Whatever next, .a chat? Keane and Fergie look on and rivalries mount . Wembley awaits. The FA get their dream money final and tickets touts’ mouths water, quel surpris? Outside of the regular top four, it’s a matter of almost or survival. Fans in red and blue glare at each other “we’re gonna win 3”, “oh no you’re not we’re gonna win four”. What premiership domination? But love them or loathe them (and with no apologies after fifty years of ‘nearlies’) I was born there and mine’s the love vibe.. So Chelsea it is who plough relentlessy on. “Mechanically” as one Man U fan retorted derisively . And this, as Ballack comes good with a hand in one and a foot in another. On they go, annoyingly and last minute’ly (well almost), .this time wiith a touch of German, African, Portuguese, English, Russian and Czech efficiency.
Oi Rooney Give us a hug?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/give-us-a-hug-finally/