He Played Our Favourite Tune

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 On the evening of a March eclipse,
His name fell sadly from someone’s lips.
The deejay always played a tune,
Into the night and under the silvery moon.
He should be remembered for what it is worth,
For the good times he gave in his life on this earth.
His music reflected every mood,
As we danced and absorbed and endured.
A deejay’s legacy is never gone,
In the songs that he played he lives on.
So raise your glass to the man,
Who played your favourite tune.
It was him who made you want to dance,
Under the stars and the silvery moon.
When you held your true love in your arms,
When you celebrated New Year.
The songs that he played for your football team,
And you gave your loudest cheer.
These tunes gave feelings of great delight,
These songs gave feelings of joy.
When you felt that you wanted to dance all night,
Mark Fellows got it just right.


In Memory of Mark Fellows.
A tribute to a man who found the football colours of your heart.
The joy of winning and the hurt of defeat,
A song will always lift our spirits.
May his love ones carry his colours forever.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/he-played-our-favourite-tune/