Help not wanted

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bet you are happy.


Right…this Haiku stuff…new fangled poetry musings if you ask me. Won’t last. Go the way of the rubiks cube, tetris and Soduku. I’m telling you it just won’t. By the way, 3 syllables on each of 3 lines – that’s right, isn’t it? Alternative are 5 or 7 – si? If ED could confirm rules of Haiku perhaps we could have a day of Haiku only poetry…hell…for the fun of it. What you say….all powerful, all-seeing ED? There’s more than 1 of you isn’t there? “ED” is just the front you use. Go on admit it!

Editor’s reply :
no mystery, there’s 3 of us, all visible on the ‘Home’ page.

As for Haiku, I’m no expert.
As far as I understand, 5-7-5 syllables is the standard.
A lot of Haiku’s presented on this site, would probably torment the purists!

To see the experts at work on this site, look up in the ‘Poets’ section :

paul t conneally
Marj Bonifacio
Debra Woolard Bender
Matthew Paul

some of whom explain other forms of Haiku in their notes, and provide further links.

My favourite on this site :
by Peter Tickner, sent in a few years ago :

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