Immortals United teamsheet

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 (Socrates selected by non-league outfit – Ceefax headline)

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 First off, I was thinking Achilles to lead the line,
he’s got the aggression, but he’s injury-prone
and the guy’s so slow he couldn’t catch a tortoise,
so I’ve gone for Isaac Newton, who at least knows
how to head a ball. Also good in the air are Icarus
and the Archangel Gabriel, though Icarus tends
to fall away in the second half, if the going gets hot.
In central midfield, we gotta have Willie Shakespeare.
Fair comment, he’s all tragedy one match, comedy the next,
but you have to admire his history as a playmaker.
Jean Paul Sartre’s best natural position is on the left,
where he can have the freedom of the park, if he wants it
and Socrates, natch, will be on Shako’s right, as captain,
since he more or less gave the game its name. The boy’s
got stamina and if you can keep him off the hemlock,
he’ll go on and on for as long as you want. We absolutely
have to find a place for King James the Sixth and First,
never mind the dual nationality implications, he’s far and away
the best dribbler in the league, and I’ve told Pythagorus
to be on the team bus in case we need to make up the numbers.
The back line more or less picks itself, Genghis, Tamerlane, Attila
will bite the opposition’s legs all afternoon. I’m putting
Atlas in goal. He staggers around like he’s got the world
on his shoulders, but he’s got a good safe pair of hands.
We have to remember that this is a game of two halves,
and some of these lads are not quite in the first flush,
if you take my meaning, so I’m putting the Grim Reaper
on the bench. If things are looking dire in the dying seconds,
I’ll bring him on. They’ll think it’s all over. It will be then.


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