In Memory of Llew Beaton~Football Poet

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Have you ever been real friends with someone
Although you have never met?
I have, and his name is Llew Beaton
And his kindness I’ll never forget.
He contacted me after reading
What I wrote after Francis had died,
‘The Knots in The Lace’
Touched him so deeply,
He said when he read it, he cried.
It was Llew who suggested I send it
To the Football Poets site,
I did and then it was published
And so now I continue to write.
He wrote for them for a full twelve years,
A hundred and one poems in all.
All clever, well-written, some funny,
Celebrating the game of the round leather ball.
Llew had such talent and gave me advice,
He had a great sense of humour
And was just thoroughly nice.
The news this week that Llew had died
Was sad beyond belief,
We are surely all here united
In our sadness and our grief.
Love goes out to Leonora,
His sweet and loving wife,
It’s hard to deal with losing someone
With whom you’ve shared a life.

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RIP Alec “Llew” Beaton~ 1943-2015 .
Much loved Football Poet .S.Africa
( (Known on Facebook as Alec)

Llew, you’re gone-
but your memory lives on…
And always will.

Ianthe August 2015

Editor Note: Such sad news from a treasured long-time member among our far flung poetical ranks . All our thoughts go out to his family.

Thank you also for your moving poem Ianthe. Like Ianthe, none of us here had met Alec but felt united by words and our shared love of this crazy game.

Here’s a personal favourite about a chance encounter with Bobby Charlton from Llew in 2014 .

‘Hello Bobby’ by Llew” Beaton

Llew (Alec) and I had communicated quite a lot about early S.African football etc (I lived in SA for 7 years) via facebook , which put faces to names I’ve known for 15 years on here!

(Hugh Morris was another name Llew also posted poems here under)

If you are familiar with any of Llew’s (also Hugh Morris) hundred or so football poems on this site and are on Facebook and wish to leave a few words please email editors@footballpoets.org (or click ‘contact us’ left hand column or click ‘Contact’ at bottom of home page) and we will record them here under Clik’s Corner .

.You can also go to his Facebook page.Just click on

.Alec “Llew” Beaton on Facebook

Rest In Peace ~ Safe journey onwards Llew.
Crispin & Clik.

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