Into the Magpie nest

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It was a spur of the moment decision that we made
Of which I’m sure Davie was afraid
As we agreed to go and spend
Our Saturday afternoon in the Gallowgate end
Heading to Newcastle on the X11 bus
Sully full of joy as he delights in mocking us
Getting off the bus we head towards the Strawberry pub
In the background Newcastle United Football Club
Here we go, our damnation and hell
As we enter our Satan’s cell
Tucking our heads down as if to disguise
The fact we are Mackems and we don’t want to die
Paying at the turnstile our four pound
A pound more than Roker Park I have found
As we walk in we all get frisked
Northumbria police taking not a single risk
Before the game we nip for a quick pie
Not very nice I roll my eyes and sigh
Around the ground a chorus of hate
We hate Sunderland the Geordies berate
It’s Ossie’s first game in charge of the toon
Don’t worry I say to Davie it’ll be over soon
Newcastle v Wolves the game kicks off
The quality’s poor we all drift off
Mark Stimson sent off, Paul Moran misses an open goal
A poor game with no rhythm or soul
Ends all square at 0-0
Our punishment over, we’ve had our fill
So as we leave the Magpie nest
We mock Sully as to who is the best
We leave the ground in a hurried fashion
For it did turn down our Sunderland passion

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/into-the-magpie-nest/