Les Éléphants Haiku

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Les Éléphants hope for more
than the Group Stage


The Ivory Coast will travel to the World Cup as Africa’s highest ranked team. That’s saying a lot about their quality, given that Nigeria are current African champions

N.b. I couldn’t quite work out on my keyboard how to add the French punctuation to ‘Cote’ and ‘Elephants.’

Editor Note: (Crispin):

I don’t have a clue how you get the upturned ‘v’ above the o in Cote…..but for French acute accents, press the Caps Lock button on first (for the first capital E acute) and holding down the Ctrl and Alt button and the e.button. you get É .For lower case e with an acute accent just again hold down the Ctrl and Alt button and press e at the same time (this time without Caps Lock). ~Crispin

PS: Maybe Clik can help????

Editor’s Note (Clik):

Happy to help…..

in Microsoft Word….
Click on the tab ‘Insert’
Then click on the tab ‘Symbol’

Then scroll down to find the symbol ‘ ô ‘
and then you can copy and paste that into the football poets website entry.

Simples (when you know how) 😉

You’d be surprised what characters you’ll find buried in there ……
Not sure you’d find ‘Ossie’ there though ….. (sorry, in one of my reveries!)

I’ve added ‘ ô ‘ into the poem.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/les-elephants-haiku/