Maradona King of Naples

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What poems born from
The golden boots beneath
Southern skies
Upon a pitch blessed
By the limbs of God
Oh fields of fire
Apathy and despair banished
The Northern aristocrats
Humbled and slain
By defiant skills
So achingly beautiful
The Angels dipped low
And like us mortals
Breathlessly watched.


SSC Napoli – first championship win Serie A Season 1986-87

Claudio Garella
Giuseppe Bruscolotti
Ciro Ferrara
Salvatore Bagni
Moreno Ferrario
Alessandro Renica
Andrea Carnevale
Fernando De Napoli
Bruno Giordano
Diego Maradona
Francesco Romano
Giuseppe Volpecina
Luciano Sola
Ciro Muro
Luigi Caffarelli

Coach: Ottavio Bianchi

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/maradona-king-of-naples/