MotD Queen

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Gary fancies himself as a poet
weekly he tries to show it
but tonight Gabby guns him down
takes his weekly crown
and out manouvers
gender reprovers….
“there’ll be no quadruple
all thanks to Tuchel!”



Every week, Gary Lineker tries to end with pithy pun.

This week, Gabby Logan bettered him.

This, on the day we said our reverential goodbye to HRH, the Duke of Edinburgh, who was buried ina wonderfully poignant military style ceremony, televised live from Windsor Castle.

For the record: all the Premier League matches, due to start at 3pm, were moved back to avoid a clash.

God Rest, Sir.
You were probably misunderstood, for so long, by popularist journalism.
Less gaffe, more gifted, methinks.

The saddest point of the day, was seeing Queen Elizabeth cutting such a lonely figure in the Church. Personally, I’m not so sure Covid restrictions demanded that. A lady of her age should have had more comforting in that situation.

The high point of the day, hopefully, was seeing princes William and Harry talking to each other on exiting the church. Long may that continue.

Of course, to some of us subjects, our hearts were gladdened by the victory at Wembley for the Royal Blues!

The closing couplet references these two facts:
a) Man City were chasing the Quadruple of:
i) Premier League title – almost certain
ii) Carabao Cup Winners – next weekend, v Spurs (potentially without Harry Kane)
iii) Champions League winners (potentially, we could kybosh that too!!)
iv) FA Cup winners – well….
b) Tuchel certainly out-witted Pep in the tactic stakes this evening!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/motd-queen/