New Labour F.C

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Held a meeting the other day,
Discussing some more aggro
Gainst Afghanistan away.
There was anger gainst a member
Who disdained the power point,
And wanted to use his conscience,
Unusual, in that joint.
Hilary Headstrong she spoke up,
‘You’re for us or against us,
No vote’s allowed in football war,
Discussion or talk of conscience.
We’ll kick the butt off them next week,
They’ll never take our end,
So go appease now somewhere else,
That’s what I recommend.
Margaret Bucket then came in
For something nice to eat
But the sheep and cows were all mixed up,
Brains, labels, mouths and feet.
But Margaret Bucket didn’t mind,
She gave a toothy grin,
Saying modernist New Labour
Did not believe in spin.
So the football violence it was planned
By the long, the Short, the tall,
Even though a lot of fans
Were against the use of war.
74 support the boot,
26 a minority,
But remember how yesterday’s few
Are tomorrow’s majority.


And the % is already changing – 54% committed now, I think I read somewhere.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/new-labour-f-c/