New Years Honours

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Stuck in the rut of the Endsleigh league
Concrete boots lent us failure
Repaid with nought per cent interest
Ten managers in just a decade
Our club circus full of clowns
P45s to all who sailed in her
Stuck between a Rioch and a hard place
The Hamilton era was tough to bear
Worthington stepped into the shadows
Of our small sad city club
From fallow fields and cut price deals
He built a growing squad
They worked hard to carve promotion
From the gristle of our dreams
Civic honour at City Hall
Streets awash with yellow and green
What goes up must come down
We fell within the year
Back to muck and bullets
No room for style and flair
Players heads were turned by money
Not much learned from graft fulfilled
Dishonouring the man who picked them
Just before they wilted
Worthington clung to his raft
Backed up by the board
Now our players are happy again
Some have even scored
Nigel’s far from perfect
But we’ve seen many worse
Though his cv isn’t impressive
And he’s got an empty purse
I would just remind the players
This man got you to the top of the ladder
Though you’ve slipped a rung, it’s true
It could be that we need Worthy more
Than any one of you


It’s good to see Worthington receiving Manager of the Month for December after gritting his teeth and staying loyal to his squad through their poor run. I hope the players will show the same loyalty now the transfer window is open or it could be curtains for us (Boom Boom)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/new-years-honours/