Next Year

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Next year I’ll lose that two stone
Next year I’ll not drink so much
Next year I’ll not eat so much
Next year I’ll not smoke
Next year I will go to the gym
Next year I’ll not be so grumpy
Next year I’ll be nicer to people
Next year I’ll be more considerate
Next year I’ll remember birthdays
Next year I’ll remember anniversaries
Next year I’ll be early or on time

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Bolton will win the league
Next year
Bolton will in the FA Cup
Next year
Bolton will qualify for Europe
Next year
Nat will get his knighthood
Next year
Sam will smile an ear-swallowing smile

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I’ll read this poem again
And smile a smile of regrets,
For next year
Is an infinity away


Written, but forgotten about, on New Year’s Eve.

The vices spoken of are not mine – just what I hear people saying.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/next-year/