Nut Cracker

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Has been busy-o
A Titanic struggle
Against the mighty Reds
Clash of the Heads
Riise dug his elbow into Jonssons skull
In the manner of a shovel into a soft boiled egg
Jonsson returned
Stitched and shrinkwrapped
Like a Mothers Pride
No place to hide
Fleming collided with a Red defender
It was nearly ‘Return to Sender’
As they went down, limbs flailing
Like flower petals opening
No lasting damage this time
Two heads better
Than one


It took me back to my youth (aided by extremely powerful Tardis) watching Norwich v Liverpool. I can clearly recall seeing Stevie Heighway taking a corner from my position on the terrace at a time when kids were encouraged through to the front and drunken hoolies
were unceremoniously barged to the back. Back in 2005, Stevie Gerrard is pretty nifty too.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/nut-cracker/