Oh go on then, one about Cantona

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Of football heroes
Is in need of nomenclature.
Mere non-mortals
Ascend to Sainthood
Picked by Papal pronouncement
Rather than whomsoever is incumbent at the Dell.
But we have to look
To a certain Red Devil
For the term ‘Cantonisation’.
And while we’re waxing lyrical
Even he couldn’t hold an ecumenical candle
To the Holy Trinity
Of Osgood, Nevin and Gullit, down at the Bridge
But granted, he was a whole lot better than Les Fridge!


In response to the Eric Cantona poem from Tony Lewis-Jones

And an acknowledgement of the subliminal influence of Eddie Gibbons’s ‘Strange Things, Trains’, read the night before.

PS Les Fridge : groomed as Peter Bonetti’s sucessor, but he never made
the grade at Chelsea.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/oh-go-on-then-one-about-cantona/