Peter Beardsley’s Shot

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Peter Beardsley hit the Forest crossbar, just about 4 minutes into the game.
Thank God there was no early goal to celebrate down at the Leppings Lane.
Beardsley’s shot had beaten the Forest keeper, there was nothing he could do.
But thank God that Peter Beardsley’s shot wasn’t lower by an inch or two.
Beardsley came so close to scoring, but thank God we didn’t go a goal ahead.
Thank God that the game stayed at 0-0 and not 1-0 to the team in all red.
Thank God Beardsley’s shot hit the bar and nobody scored from a rebound.
Had Liverpool scored a goal then, there would have further chaos at one side of the ground.
Beardsley’s shot had goal written all over it, but thankfully it never hit the net.
As nobody deserves to score such a ‘goal’ that he would forever live to regret.



Had Beardsley’s shot gone in it would have caused an even greater disaster at the Leppings Lane end, as the poem says ‘Thank God’ it didn’t.

This poem is from the Nightmare of Hillsborough book, please get a copy if you can,all the lies they told about Liverpool fans and all the myths they created are clearly dispelled in this book.

Thanks for reading.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/peter-beardsleys-shot/