Qatar World Cup

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It was the moment we must have
Dreaded in the global game
A World Cup in Qatar
Corruption and immorality
About to reign on Middle East
Grounds amid the disgusted
Voices of football’s debating
Chambers, Dissenting chants
Aghast at the sheer
Grotesque face that
The Beautiful Game
Now finds amid a minefield
Of explosive rhetoric
Wild and righteous indignation
In Saudi lands of appalling
Exploitation and savage
Manipulation, double dealing
And back handers
Sports washing in vile laundries
On filthy fields of dubious money
Despicable human rights record
Well chronicled and more
Newsworthy and topical
Than ever
Evil regimes in shady corners
Where only mutterings of
Discontent fester away
Like rotting bones of
Contention, violent
Where the World
Cup football family
Tell us from the heart
That this is simply disgraceful
Abhorrent, it should be banished to
The peripheries of
Our commentaries.
If we had our way
This would be stopped
Immediately here and now
No World Cups in
Lands of crooked deception
Where everything seems
To be forbidden and nothing
Valued, ethics and morals
Sold down murky Middle East
Rivers where the stench
Of revoltingly ugly oil
Gushes through the senses
With obnoxious odours
It used to be the World Cup
Of admirable qualities
Of fairness and justice
Truth and accuracy
But in a couple of weeks time
We will tolerate and endure
In good faith
The Jules Rimet World Cup
Because poisonous fumes
Have infested the game
We’ve always cherished from the cot
Welcome Germany, France, Spain,
Brazil and Argentina and of course
England and Wales
The doors are open again
For blossoming business
Football though will be foremost
And uppermost in our minds
Not the shifty sheikhs or
The crafty money makers
The materialistic and grubby
Wheelers and dealers
Who lurk in Saudi markets
Ready to lead the
Beautiful Game into the
Darkest hole
Let there though be purity,
The delicate feet of craftsmanship
Football to be treasured
In the right way, the proper way
No strings attached, no rogues,
Cheats and opportunists,
Secretive spivs,
Football that leads us down that
Ultimate road to hope and redemption
Where only artists and the
Outrageously gifted live
And breathe
We fear that the World
Cup will not be in capable
Hands although we can but


My bleak preview of the World Cup in Qatar.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/qatar-world-cup/