“Que Sera Sera”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It’s a perk of being a club official
I’m on the Team Coach today
On the way down to Winchester City
Third Qualifying Round drawn away.
They may be a division below us
But form goes out the door
The cup’s a great leveller
So let’s hope we don’t play poor.
The form we’re currently in
Should be far too strong
Without being too confident
What could possibly go wrong?
Hopefully come ten to five
I’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat
Alternatively there’s the option
My weekend’s gone totally flat.
With a bit of hope and luck
We’ll go a few more rounds
Drawn in far-flung northern holes
Visiting weird places and grounds.
Another couple of victories
And this Trophy begins to tease
Imagine a visit to the arch
If we perform and don’t freeze.
After today it’s five rounds to Wembley
Stranger things have occurred
In truth I’m not sure what they are
Humour me and take my word.
I know it will never happen
But until we lose there’s hope
In truth if we ever got to Wembley
I don’t know how I’d cope.
I’d be shedding tears of emotion
Crying all through the game
Even if we went and lost six nil
My life would never be the same.
To see The Hamlet at Wembley
It only happens in my head
The fans of North Ferriby and Morpeth Town
I bet that’s what they always said.
I know the chances are minimal
But I still dream every year
Until that moment we’re knocked out
In my head it’s all so clear.
That childhood dream I secretly cling to
A Pink & Blue Wembley Way
No matter how distantly impossible
I live life for that just one day.
Come three o’clock I’ll be louder
An extra special cheer
We can do our bit like the players
Sat at the rear.
Twenty miles to Winchester
Two hours until the game
If we suffer a shock defeat
I’ll only have myself to blame.
I was wearing my lucky socks
But are they on the wrong feet
Such a superstitious nature
Of fans all over
Our fault when we’re beat.
But the inquest’s for later
Cos I don’t think we’re going to lose
From where I’m currently sitting
In my ‘Going to Wembley shoes’.


(I wrote this on the team coach to Winchester City, in November 2016, who we went on to beat in an FA Trophy third qualifying round, which is a ‘mere’ six rounds from the final at Wembley Stadium. Five to go! We equalled our best ever run, eventually reaching the quarter finals!)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/que-sera-sera/