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Goal of the Tournement has shaken the world
All I have to do is think of him
Everton is missing him
Everton fans think
Richarlison may win World Cup
But the formidable strike against Serbia at the World Cup
presented by a special effect
photography is better than
any other special effect photography
Can we celebrate the Brazil hero
Richarlison and ask
can we stay in the Premier League
We can
The Best outcome is that
Brazil win the World Cup
and Everton don’t relegate
And that we can say
Everton have launched
the era of Richarlison
It may be outstanding music
It can be outstanding Event
It can be the era of Brazil and
Everton as it was in 1970
Or it is the question
how we can stay in the
Premier League without him
And watch him in his Glory
In the history
Everton had Alan Ball
The World Cup figure
We need comfortable
season at Goodison
We are watching our former player as the Star of the World Cup
And we love our Everton
We can unite the World


Richarlison scored the goal tonight in Brazil victory at the World Cup match against Serbia. BBC presented that goal with a special effect photography.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/richarlison/