Ronaldinwho?…What we need is another Dixie Dean!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Whatever happened to “Local talent” and “Home town boy makes good!”
All those daily headlines….”New Kid From The Neighborhood!”
Our papers now are full of stories about outrageous transfer deals
Millions spent on foreign stars to oil their football wheels
Must we buy our victories with huge amounts of cash
Instead of using local lads, and I’m not talking trash
I respectfully ask as a football fan who longs for more success…
Why do we spend millions to lose each week when we can do it for much less?
Who needs a brash Brazilian or an agile Argentine?
A very nifty Frenchy or an Aussie Serpentine?
Just look around the corner or out of your own back door
There’s loads of Steven Gerrards and lots of Bobby Moores
Kicking balls against the wall or dribbling old tin cans
Just like their grandad taught them when he was a younger man
The reason he loved this beautiful game had now’t to do with money
And speaking metaphorically it really is quite funny
Why football clubs spend so much bread… hungering for success
When all we ask for is a hundred percent and to give us fans their best.
We’ll cheer them from expensive seats, even sing when we’re distraught
Just as long as they give the effort we’ll give them our support.
So don’t go searching far and wide for the greatest football team
When you can find it locally on any village green………………
Look there goes a Dixie Dean!

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Is it true what they say about Dixie
Did he score sixty goals in one year
Do the sweet Evertonian Toffees
Remember Dixie’s score
Do they keep talking Toffee
Till they can’t talk no more
Is it true what they say about Deano
Is the dream of that team so sublime
Does he score, up above
Like he did in every game
Yes it’s true, we remember his name……………

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/ronaldinwho-what-we-need-is-another-dixie-dean/