Run, Eddie, Run (for Eddie Cavanagh )

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Not as famous as Brunel, though his name should ring a bell,
like that little hunchback did in Notre Dame,
They called him Eddy Cav, and in many an alehouse lav,
Odes were written about his contribution to the game .
It was the Cup Final of 66, when he ran across the pitch
In delight, as Everton came back from two goals down,
He was agile as a goat and although he lost his coat,
he made the chasing coppers look like clowns.
It was just a personal quest, to get to Gordon West,
with words of wisdom for the last 25 minutes,
“I just wanted to say, don’t let any more in today,
I’ve a feelin’ who scores next will flippin’ win it.”
Eddie knew most of the team because in previous times had been
on the books of this club that was his life,
Even though he got released, his love for Everton never ceased
Followed them all over, with the blessings of his wife.
The police finally threw him out, but he got back in for nowt,
brushing aside Stewards who thought him mental,
Returning to the ground, just in time to leap around
As the winner hit the net from Derek Temple.
He was just a normal scouse, who wouldn’t have ketchup in the house
Had blue lightbulbs, blue carpets and blue lace,
And went to every ground, followed Everton all around,
But would never cross the park to go to “. that place”


Eddie died in 1999 but his spirit lives on .

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/run-eddie-run-for-eddie-cavanagh/