Sept 12th 2012

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Is the end in sight, will we see the end of our long wait?
In September 2012 will the record at last be put straight?
Or will questions still need to be asked and if that’s the case.
Will the families and friends have another lengthy wait to face?
But the answers should all be there if those files are clean.
All those facts once hidden should now be able to be seen.
And if the truth comes out then our long battle has been won.
Though will anybody still pay for the damage that was done?
September 12th let’s hope everything at last will be put right.
And if it’s not, we won’t give up we’ll just continue with our fight.


On Sept 12th 2012 the Hillsborough Independent Panel will reveal their finding from the previously unreleased documents and files they have been given access to.

Let’s hope they at last reveal the whole truth.
‘Hillsborough’ could have happened to any innocent football loving fan.

Cheers for reading.

Many Thanks
Mike Bartram

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/sept-12th-2012/