Terry Hurlock of Millwall

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 They called im gypo. I preffered GOD,
built like a labourer carrying a hod,
but when he played, he gave it all,
thats Terry Hurlock, of Millwall,
I never see im slack for a mo,
once on the whistle, off e would go,
slipping and sliding lived for football,
yea, thats Terry Hurlock, of Millwall,
time has passed an older he’s got,
well he ain’t alone, so ave us lot,
but the terrace chant, an out goes the call,
to our Terry Hurlock of Millwall,
We can only thank im for what he gave us,
he’s never moaned or made a fuss,
not like some I’ve known in football,
but they’re not Terry Hurlock of Millwall,
He’s one of a kind, only seen now and again,
avin im at the Den was our teams gain,
we’ll never forget, out goes our call.
There’s only one Terry Hurlock, of Millwall.


We absolutely adore him, a working class hero, and a dear friend

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/terry-hurlock-of-millwall/