1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 They’re at it again,
The Arsenal
Strolling and passing for fun
Then letting fly with unerring eye
Like a bullet shot out of a gun
Edu is gone, and Viera too
And Campbell is right out of tune
But The Arsenal move on
Rebuilding a team
That will be at the top again soon
There are some who still sneer
At the very idea
Of calling this team English
But there’s jealousy there
And for knockers, I fear
That their team was as good
Is a wish
What they don’t realise
Is, it isn’t the team
That we follow and cheer
And support
That gives us the highs
And increased self-esteem
And the downs when they
Sometimes fall short
It’s the same gut feeling
For the man in the pub
And for that old lady next door
We all feel we’re part
Of that Arsenal CLUB
That is shared by
The rich and the poor
So whether we’re English,
Or Spanish or French
Whether playing or just
Looking on
Whether sitting at home
Or sat on the bench
We see out great club
Carry on
And to feel we are part
In any small way
As woman or man
Girl or boy
Of this wonderful club
That we’ve given our heart
For our lifetime
Will fill us with joy

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-club/