The Copperfields are turned to Gold

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It wasn’t Gerry Hitchens,
But rather Charles Dickens,
(The top-hatted man,
A Gillingham fan)
Whose celebrated character,
The impecunious Micawber,
When discoursing wide on rickets,
And the price of football tickets,
Formed the following apothegm,
That holds good now as then:
“Annual income, £20,
Annual expenditure, £20 and sixpence,
Result, misery;
Annual income, £20,
Annual expenditure, £19 19 shillings and sixpence,
Result, happiness.”
Now I know this seems like history,
But more or less,
These are his words,
(Surely wise not absurd)
I recollect
On the subject of debt,
Michael Ricketts,
And the price of football tickets.
The Copperfields of Olde England now turned to Cloth of Gold.


Who says modern England has forgotten the 19th century? Rich and famous men donating a day’s pay to bail out penurious nurses is an interesting story is it not?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-copperfields-are-turned-to-gold/