The Creation of Football

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The beautiful lie?
The ugly truth?
What use the sky that longs for land?
What use the sea that looks to the stars?
each atom is in its rightful place,
Each colour with just the right shade of light
That it calls for,
All of this happens,
All of this is right,
The chant of the ocean with its
Slow-moving seduction,
Never tiring of reaching for the shore,
Each wave a dance that gathers
New energy and momentum,
The endless, limitless pull of the moon
Sewing the seeds of each nation,
And all of this is right,
The sparrow loves its wings,
And does not look upon the
Stripes of the tiger with envy,
The crab loves its shell,
Does not crave the liquid lines
Of the antelope,
The eagle takes pride in its strength,
Does not crave the
Magnificent power of the lion,
The ant,
Insignificant to us but to its maker
A monument of patient, uncomplaining endurance,
The slug,
A breath of beauty to the loving hands
That fashioned this the most humble of lives,
So it is,
And should be,
All of life with its reason and purpose,
Each creation with love for the
Creation of itself, for the creator
The star in the sky content,
The grain of sand settled,
The wind restless but free,
And the child,
The child with the open eyes
Who sees all of this,
Sees all of life
Here now vibrant the pulse thudding
With passion is football
Henry graceful his noble boots flash like blades
Crespo at last coming into the light of his genius
Owen lightning made flesh
Keane magnificent in his surly determination
To be the best
Oh football
Make Lear’s of us all
And we are willing
And the child with the quiet eyes
Who sees all of this
Sees life.


GG (7th April 2004)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-creation-of-football/