The Formidable Fulcrum of Football.

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Football is our saving grace
90 minutes reliving a childhood long melted into the past
But lingers, for what are we but children
Divisively spiritual and calling on disciples to bear witness
In the form of banners and colours
With hymns that chart the deeds and disasters
Of matches won and lost
Replaying relaying the magic of goals and the menace of referees
Oh, those long-undimmed memories recalling misdemeanors
Before a roll call of glory
Football, the pulsing heartbeat
The wild feral beautiful creature of the terrace
Defying the corpulent corporate crocodile
And always the rebel, pushing hopelessly back against
The inevitable tides of change
Out singing those pinging ringing cash tills…
Then the rising pant of grassroots football
Fans taking hold of The Game, their game, our game
Bridging the divide of players wages, ticket prices, and support
The sparkling swaggering solidarity of the street
The formidable fulcrum of football.


Happy New year, and may your club go with you!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-formidable-fulcrum-of-football/