The Nightmare of Hillsbrough

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 A tear drop drips from your eye,
and onto your pillow it falls.
You eventually drift into sleep,
although another restless night calls.
You awaken in the night,
your brow soaked in beads of sweat.
You were once fed a Hillsborough nightmare,
one you’ve never been able to forget.
You long to switch off your mind,
to taste the freedom of sanity once more.
You’ve been down many a dark avenue
desperately searching for a cure.
But some people don’t realise that you’re ill
and just cruelly turn their back.
These people just see a defeated person,
but it’s understanding that they lack.
And in your head you carry around with you
a heavy stone of grief.
It weighs you down and it wears you down,
no respite however brief.
This torture follows you around
in the form of your own personal Hillsborough Hell.
If only sleep could offer you an escape,
but your visions you still cannot quell.
A tear drop drips from your eye,
and it won’t be the last tear that you shed.
The nightmare of Hillsborough you wake up to,
as well as take to your bed.


This poem is taken from the book of the same name, all proceeds from the book go to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

The book contains 70 of my Hillsborough poems and 17 pages of colour photographs. The book (amongst other things) aims to raise awareness of post traumatic stres disorder, and 8 poems in the book relate directly to this condition.

The foreword was written by Rachel King, her dad was a survivor of Hillsborough, but after years of suffering from PTSD, he sadly took his own life in 2007.

The book is available to order online through any major book retailer or via Amazon, Ebay etc, it was published by countyvise and costs just £6.

Please buy a copy if you can….Mike Bartram

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-nightmare-of-hillsbrough/