The Real Ronaldo

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The greatest striker I’ve ever seen? Yeah!
King of the nutmeg with pace and finesse
Completely unplayable, defenders oppressed
Most of his goals they were only sublime
I bought his Brazil shirt Ronaldos R-nine
He wore a goofy grin and a cheeky smile
Whether crowd was friendly or hostile
The lad he had everything in his bag of tricks
All he was short was some ortho-don-tics
Horrendous injuries, so hard to handle
Some of his hairstyles were more of a scandal
Loved a big party, not ever a pooper
Resplendent with models that were only super
Like myself partial to putting on weight
Size didn’t hamper his goal per game rate
Four hundred and twenty goals he did score
A goal every game and a half, now no more
Seen wonderful strikers but I cannot be clearer
Ronaldo, the greatest of the modern era


I would have to say this lad was the greatest I have ever seen, always loved to watch him play. He has scored more goals in World Cup finals than anyone else despite his career being littered with horrific injuries.
Adeus El Fenomeno.

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