The Squad of ’64

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Another Derby Day at New Kingsmead
And my first time at that ground,
I took one step on to the turf
And stopped to look around.
The stands were packed with eager fans
Waiting for the action,
And I hoped that our very well-drilled team
Would bring them satisfaction.
We had trained so hard for this big day
And now the day was here,
We had swallowed all our nervousness
And conquered all our fear.
It now was time to strut our stuff
To boldly face the crowd,
And show that we were good enough
To make them cheer out loud.
Our boots were polished,
Laces tied,
We took the field
With Durban pride.
The band struck up,
The music whirled,
Skirts flared out
And batons twirled.
The Curtain-raiser to this game
Was our Varsity squad of ’64,
As we marched in step around the pitch
The crowd called out-
Show us more!
We performed round and round that famous old ground,
Before the ref blew his whistle to play,
United and City just had to wait,
Because this was our time and this was OUR day!
Ianthe Exall 2013
(One of the squad of ’64)


My first year at Varsity in Durban and proud to be a Drummie!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-squad-of-64/