There’s only two Roger Hunts

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Ernie Hunt was born in a Wiltshire town,
grafted hard in his British Rail jacket,
though soon his football skills earned more renown
and for the Robins, swapped his BR pay packet.
After six fruitful seasons at the County Ground
in which he’d harvested eighty eight goals,
Wolves offered Swindon forty grand
and Ernie four thousand sausage rolls.
Later he moved to Everton for a fee
of eighty thousand quid in September Sixty Seven,
but this dream move was not to be
and Coventry City finally showed him Heaven.
Forty five goals later and Ernie the charmer
won over the Sky Blue supporters,
who had nicknamed him the Fleet Footed Farmer,
though his waist was thirty nine and three quarters.
It was an October day in Nineteen Seventy
I can’t be sure of the dates,
Ernie lined up to play for Coventry
against his old Everton team mates.
Willie Carr stood over the ball,
directing the free kick traffic,
Andy Rankin organised his wall
shouting instructions somewhat graphic
Kendall, Harvey, Brown and Hurst
formed an unbreakable barrier,
“Come on Ernie, do your worst
you’ve more chance of owning a new Ford Anglia.”
Then Willie Carr gave the call
he had something up his tartan sleeve
as both ankles gripped the ball
and shouted “Believe Ernie, Believe !”
He flicked his legs like a donkey,
the ball looped in the air,
Ernie Hunt volleyed slightly wonky
as if to say “Yes . . . .I dare”
The ball smashed past Andy Rankin,
as everyone watched in amazement,
you could have driven a tank in,
surely this was against the rules of engagement!
Coventry won the game three one
but at the end of the season,
the Donkey Kick was over before it begun,
“Two touches. . . ” the given reason.
Ernie Hunt went on his way, always jolly
window cleaner then owner of a bar
always remembered for THAT volley,
from THAT flick off Willie Carr.


Ernie Hunt born 17th March 1943 only played 12 times for Everton
but came back to haunt us as most players let go early do .
His real name is Roger Patrick Hunt and because there was some
fella already known by that name he chose to be called Ernie
after his Dad ( I don’t know if he was a milkman)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/theres-only-two-roger-hunts/