This Is Anfield part two

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Liverpool away is the first game
The atmosphere you know will be something else
As you wait in the tunnel to walk on the pitch
As you look to the “This Is Anfield” sign
And hear the fans sing You’ll Never Walk Alone
You look around – the stadium’s packed to the rafters
The Kop’s a sea of red singing in full voice
You know where you are
The atmosphere’s intimidating but you expected nothing less
From the Reds new players, owners and management
You can feel the excitement from the fans
As a season of hope kicks off to the sound of You’ll Never Walk Alone
You know where you are how could you not you know that….
This Is Anfield ?


A lot of this would have just been repeated for the fans point of view.

Actually only two lines couldn’t be used so just imagine the poem without those two, I’m sure you know which ones, I mean, to get the fans perspective – as well as the players

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/this-is-anfield-part-two/