“Times Are A Changin’ “

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Almost a season
With my feet under the boardroom table
Haven’t done most of what I’ve been able
Ideas I’ve had thick and fast
The simple bit is running them past
Old duffers sat at the table
Not even willing,never mind able!
Their main priority is the boardroom spread
Oblivious to the fact the Club could soon be dead!
Not that it’s something I worry about
I haven’t got any financial clout.
Shed my anger and harness my hope
The only way I can cope
It’s great on the pitch and behind the goal
So that’s where I see my future role.
“All un this together” say the ConDem coalition
But at Champion Hill we can bring it to fruition.
Take the ’12th Man’ as your proof
Our fans backing is through the roof
Despite Martin saying it was doomed to fail
Got no time for his negative wail
Slowly but surely wer’e digging into our Club
And that there really is the crucial rub
Nobody knows what the futre may hold
But even so now we must be bold
If you’re not religious time to pray
For genuine fans to have their say.
You don’t have to be tied to the comatose Trust
Whose only mantra is shares are a must.
But they finally got the offer to buy
No response-they’re suddenly shy!
Helping safeguard the Club is their shout
While the padlock’s glued shut
On their bank account!
Don’t get me wrong I’ve no magic wand
I don’t know what’s next year or beyond
It’s too early to jump through hoops
One step at a time and rally the troops
Reaching our, getting more people in
Helped by the fact the team generally win.
Reach out to our local community
With our Pink & Blue hand
It’s got to better than
Burying your head in the sand.


(Dulwich Hamlet are buzzing, both on the pitch & on the terraces. But the future is uncertain as the ground is up for sale, and there are two years on the lease. I joined the Club Committee at the star of the season, & feel some of the ‘old guard’ on there are just happy to contine their cozy existence, not interested in improving the crowds, or trying to promote the Club. I think are Supporters Trust are one of the poorest in the country, The ’12th Man’ is a single issue supporter led campaign to raise money to ADD to the playing budget, no strings attached, like an insistence for shares, or a say where any future transfer fees from sales of players funded gets spent. Since it’s launch in December 2012 it has caught the imagination of our fans, & already raised over £3,000. I still have the hope that we can push ideas to help improve things, & gain our Club a unique reputation as an eclectic & passionate support base)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/times-are-a-changin/