Tommy Eglington [1923-2004]

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Many, many years have passed, and football’s changed completely,
But memories are built to last, and many still smile sweetly,
Like Eggo, running at full flow, and leaving fullbacks groping,
Not knowing which way he would go, and ending up not coping.
The centre half might keep his head, and come across to cover,
But often he’d be left for dead, unable to recover.
And then, with that sublime left foot, with all supporters yelling,
He’d carve the latest in a glut of crosses straight and telling.
How many goals did Eggo make? How many fouls were ridden,
‘Ere television’s flatt’ring take, by pers’nal fame unbidden?
If he were but a youth today, his worth would stretch to millions.
Ironic he should pass away, as we faced the Brazilians.


Just a bit before my time. My father-in-law, a Drums fan, says he used to hate his team playing against Eggo, as he had the capacity to rip any fullback to shreds. Played with Shamrock Rovers, Everton, Tranmere, the Republic of Ireland, and, while it was still allowed, Northern Ireland.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/tommy-eglington-1923-2004/