WC2010 : Day 14

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 All Hail The New World Champions!
Well actually, we don’t know who they are yet
But we know there has to be, for Italy –
Are homeward bound on doleful jet

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Dejection in the camp
For the downbeat Azzuri
Who’d be Lippi now
As they face the fan fury!

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 Shocks in the box
In a game electrifying
But vegetables at the ready –
They’ve been putrefying

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 Back in ’66
They faced a tomatoe puree
Ignomonious exit matched
By a welcome far from hooray!

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 And chances are
This could be repeated
For an ageing squad
Seen as too conceited


In 1966, after an inglorious early exit, the returning Italian team were met at the airport by fans throwing rotten tomatoes at them.

Thursday 24th June 2010

Group F

Slovakia 3 Italy 2
Paraguay 0 New Zealand 0

Group F finishes :

New Zealand

Group E

Denmark 1 Japan 3
Holland 2 Cameroon 1

Group E finishes


So, incrediby, Italy and France, the reigning Champions and runners-up from 2006, both finish bottom of their groups!!!!

A new World Order!

Power is shifting towards the East.
Japan and South Korea are improving all the time.
And Australia and New Zealand both distinguished themselves.

But it is South America that appears thus far to be the dominant Continent.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wc2010-day-14/