We want our cold nights in Stoke!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We must unequivocally recognise the wishes of the fans;
who marry at birth
and never divorce;
who wish only to watch and enjoin
with those that truly cherish the crest
and to support forevermore
the heroes and idols
who rise up from the swards
and give every ounce, every sinew, every last breath
to the cause;
as the fans urge and surge
and now wish to purge
the Geckos and wreckos
who see only dollars
and not a near-distant dissolution…


A response to the fuss & furore over the proposed 20 club European Super League.

The poem title – not mine, I wish it were.
It’s taken from a protest placard outside Stamford Bridge, the night of 20/04/2021.
Accredited to Anon: but a football genius!

For when we’re looking back…..
Announced on Sunday 18/04/2021.
12 clubs proposed a European Super League (ESL), comprising of 6 English teams….
The “Shameless Six” (I saw it accredited to Chris Sutton)
Where those 12, plus 3 more, would be given full status – i.e. never demoted.
Plus 5 more teams that qualify each season.
Each season, matches to be played midweek.
And the clubs to continue in their own leagues (the arrogance of them!)
Those clubs claimed it was all for the good of football, and that trickle down economics would benefit the smaller teams.

True football fans saw through this immediately and there was public outcry, in England, Spain and Italy (where the 12 were from – wisely, PSG and Bayern Munich had kept out of it).
Even Boris Johnson (PM) weighed in!

On Tuesday night, 20/04/2021, after many protests by fans, managers and players, the “Shameless 6” capitulated and withdrew their support one by one. The ESL notion was cremated the next day, as the other 6 also withdrew.
But there’ll be repercussions yet????

there was already talk about barring the 6 from EPL / Football League.
And barring the English players from ever playing for England.

My favourite summation, is from my idol, Pat Nevin…. On BBC Radio 5 Live…
“The league wasn’t going to be any different because we already see the best players in the world, there was just going to be no jeopardy. The whole concept was bizarre and as if it was dreamt up on a computer by nobody who had watched a game of football in their life.“

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/we-want-our-cold-nights-in-stoke/