Who Remembers Heysel?

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39 dead
Football came to this
39 dead
The Turin Shroud in black and white
And the press they howled
And the politicians howled
And the fans they howled…
Our Joe’s face spoke the words
For all of us
His heart worn down and the pictures
In the press
Speaking of the horrors
It must come to this
When iron fences barricade football pitches
When tribalism and ignorance barricade football fans
Who remembers Heysel?
All of us
All of us who love Liverpool Fc
All of us who love football
All of us who love, and have lost
We remember the 39
We remember Heysel.



In remembrance of the Juventus fans who died at Heysel May 29th 1985.

ParryMaguire 2004

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/who-remembers-heysel/