Poems tagged ‘Christian Eriksen’

Fallen General

Last year, the world halted, froze mid-air
as the Danish midfield general collapsed
near halfway through the clash, untouched,
his heart succumbed and but for CPR
and then defibrillation he would, it’s sure,
have breathed his last right there, a soldier
on the field of battle O innocent
world of 2021 when European war
was read about in dusty documents
we thought we’d shelved forevermore,
and toyed with just as football metaphor

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Danes slaughter Wales – haiku

HANS nurse back his medicine
jumps from bed and cheers

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Blinding News…

Onward Christian soldiers
Anything else…means sweet F.A.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/christian-eriksen/