Poems tagged ‘Wags’

Colleen x 4. Please Dont Block Me Out On Instagram.*

After the lack-lustre performance by our chaps,
During Friday evenings qualifying match,
I blame on a drought of Marks and Spencer’s waist-coats?
It’s nice to see a bit of real commitment I suppose?
From a pair of WAGs (who out there can remember those?)
Publicly going hell for leather at each other throats.

Colleen, and Becky Vardy are
As I’m aware m’lud thus far
Merely slinging mud at this juncture in their on-going, frenetic social media mystery
While Wayne Rooney’s more than savvy trouble an strife,
and I hope this will cheer fans up after Friday night?,
Has, due to her prowess as an on-line sleuth, been likened to a Scouse Wagatha Christie!


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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/wags/