Game of Beauty

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take your pick, either or both, provided great drama
bettered again just days later
by ‘Pool beating Barca
only unbelievably
the drama ratcheted up even more, the following night
as Spurs slipped 3 goals behind on aggregate, versus Ajax
and then we witnessed, the mother of all comebacks
and the sight of an Argentinian hard-man crying
for there could be no denying
that Pochettino, has worked miracles
as has Klopp –
so who will be King of the Crop?
who is it, on 1st June
will make us swoon
and in the media zones
ascend to the Line of Thrones?!?



For those reading back from the future:

Champions League Semi-Final, 2019

01/05/2019: First Leg:
Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool

07/05/2019: Second Leg:
Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

30/04/2019: First Leg:
Spurs 0-1 Ajax

08/05/2019: Second Leg:
Ajax 2-3 Spurs

Spurs won on away goals.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/game-of-beauty/