it’s raining sven hallelujah it’s raining sven

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 read it in the papers it’s on the sven o’clock news
there’s a new pun in the neighbourhood to keep the boys amused
and it’s not just sventamentalism because sventusiasm has its payments
it’s lots of fun to win five one now that’s sventertainment
so he’s become the tabloids sventboy and nobody’s yet bored
because in this country we know that the sven is mightier than the sword
there’s svensational offers at sainsbury’s as they jump on the sven trend
he’s svensual and he’s sexy and we all want to be sven’s friend
because according the sven newspaper he’s the best thing we’ve ever found
the sven is up on the dollar the sven is up on the pound
yes we’ve all learnt to expect the svenish inquisition
there’s a new religion in svengerland and it’s called sven buddhism
we all know the sven commandments and the sven deadly sins
there’s only one word to chant sven our saint’s go marching in
there’s only one word you’ll hear above the svembley noise
cos sven the chips are down sven sorts the sven from the boys
he makes managing england look like a relative doddle
better than terry svenables superior to sven hoddle
we think all the other managers are nothing but goat crap
it’s sven i say yes sven we want y’know that goran ericsson chap
cos it’s sven who gets the women here comes the sven alright
they want sven to get down and dirty and strip at their sven nights
he put the balls in football and put the fornicate in fifa
but sven you’re in love with a beautiful women so stay away from ulrika
she’s just after your headlines and she’ll corrupt your zen
she nothing but a barbie doll and you’re not ken uh-uh no you’re sven
and you’ve got to keep the right sventality to play sventelational football
you’ve got to set the sven to work and still manage to look cool
like a particularly dapper woodpecker who can svend a ball like beckham
cos this nation turns its desperate eyes to you and sven you’ve got to let ‘em
it’s too late to turn back now sven you’re a local delicacy
but sven remember the immortal words of a girl named melanie c
they build you up so they can knock you down
and the sven newspaper will be the first to drive you out of town
it’ll be the svend of the world as you know it just another one svent off
that’s the managerial penalty when the publics had enough
that day will come around for you the question’s only when
but in the meantime svengerland says a prayer for you for ever and ever asven

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/its-raining-sven-hallelujah-its-raining-sven/